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I learned to love fine art very early in life. My father was in the military and we moved a lot. However, whenever my father had a vacation, the six of us traveled and went sightseeing. Though I was young, I still remember the beautiful paintings of the Uffizi Gallery in Italy and other museums. Closer to home, my maternal grandfather was an oil painter, whose works were displayed in many fine galleries in Birmingham, Alabama, and even other parts of the country.

When I entered the University of Florida in 1968, I took several art classes but became discouraged when I realized that the realistic art I loved was simply not taught. Since becoming an artist, I have read about so many other artists encountering the same experience. However, I am encouraged that representational art is returning and many classical method ateliers are opening all over the country.

In 2012 I began taking oil painting classes at a local art center and found my true calling. With each painting I become more confident in my own style. I have also discovered that good quality supplies are expensive but worth it!

Since starting in 2012, I've won a few awards and this has encouraged me to keep striving to find my own style. I love the realistic impressionism of Richard Schmid, Elizabeth Robbins, John Singer Sargent and many others.