Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Binkie Claims a Rose

8x10" Oil on wood panel

Subject Matter: I love painting Binkie. She dives into everything with such enthusiasm! I added the rose because it made her little pink collar stand out--and because none of my cats will leave my plants, flowers, etc. alone. Lately she's redirected her efforts from plants to roaches--ugh! I guess there were no lizards available.

Surface: This is painted on a cradled wood panel. The 3/4 inch sides have been stained and varnished and so a frame is optional. As you might have noticed, I have raised my prices on some paintings. I am painting larger on some and the cost of cradled panels, linen surfaces and better quality paints means my costs have gone up. However, I feel they are still a good bargain for someone wanting original works rather than prints.

Signature Issues: I think I may have finally solved my signature woes. Guess it just takes practice!

Saturday, July 8, 2017


20x16 Oil on linen panel

Subject matter: Samantha is actually 6'2" in her bare feet. She's lovely! I truly enjoyed painting her and hope to do a full-body painting at a later date. So, if you're still looking for some stranger portraits to hang in your house or office, consider Samantha. I wish that a photo (taken with an iPhone 7 Plus) could accurately show you the nice glow of her skin in this painting. It really is much better in person.

Surface: This is painted on a 20x16" Senso linen panel with a 1/8" profile.

Friday, July 7, 2017


20x16 Oil on linen panel

Subject matter: A few days ago I started posting again after a bit of a break. I wasn't resting during this break; I was learning! I know that people rarely purchase portraits of strangers but this portrait was painted from a live model in my portrait class and so I thought, why not? I am pleased with this one and she was a wonderful model. So if you are looking to fill your walls with strangers, this might be the one for you. Or if not, wait for more to come.

Surface: This is painted on a 20x16" Senso linen panel with a 1/8" profile.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


16x12 Pastel on paper

Subject matter and process: This was my second pastel painting. I have been watching an accomplished artist in my figure drawing class use PanPastels to draw. So I finally purchased some, watched some You tube videos on using them and did a portrait of my husband. (See below. He wasn't sleeping but reading from his iPad in his recliner!). Then a fellow student in my drawing class said to try my next one on some better pastel paper and insisted I take a piece. Maya was the result. I am very pleased at how it came out. It felt as if it practically painted itself. I guess Maya (the real cat) was just so inspiring! Seriously, with the right paper and a little luck, PanPastels are incredibly fun.

Next steps: Now I just need to practice and learn how to preserve and frame them. Here's the lowdown: Oils are a bit messy because of the medium and clean-up, but relatively easy to frame. And unless you rip the canvas, they are practically indestructible. PanPastels (no experience with the other kinds) are easy to clean up but very delicate. I have already decided I don't like spray fixative (tried it on my Rick Reading one, so I will need to learn how to handle them so they don't smear. But I'm excited because it's so much fun to try something new. Pastel can never replace oils for me, but it's a nice change of pace. And I can use pastels to make studies for my oil paintings.

Materials: I used gray toned Canson Mi-Tientes paper and PanPastels.

Rick Reading-PanPastel

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hydrangeas in an Oriental Vase

14x11" Oil on canvas

Subject matter: I started this painting from a still life setup but changed the color of the hydrangeas from a mixed coral and green to mostly white. Hydrangeas are simply tough to paint, so I opted for a more impressionistic style on the petals.

Surface: This is painted on a 14x11 canvas with a 3/4" profile, which makes it very easy to frame. No need to hire someone if you have any basic skills with a screwdriver. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Roses in a Tuscan Vase

20x16" Oil on canvas (Click to view larger.)

Subject matter: This was painted larger than I've done in the past and it felt good to branch out--literally (pun not intended). Roses have always been my nemesis and so it felt good to finally be able to paint them. Because of this, I decided to keep it. This was painted partly from a still life set-up in a studio and later from the photos I took of it.

Surface: I used a portrait-quality canvas and truly loved it. It has a fine weave and makes the paint flow so easily.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Garden View

8x10" Oil on wood panel

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Subject matter: I love old houses and what better subject than my own little bungalow. This is a garden view of the house. I have so much shade that not many flowers bloom in our yard, but some do thrive. The climbing rose bush is called Seven Sisters and it's very hardy. The Plumbago and Beach Sunflowers love the sun and get plenty on the front of the fence.

Process: This was painted on a gessoed wood panel that has a 3/4" wood cradle. I stained and varnished the sides which makes it easy to hang without a frame. Or if you prefer a frame, one can easily be attached to the cradle. I prefer floater frames on small paintings but any frame will work. Floaters are nice because they allow all of the painting to show.