Saturday, March 17, 2018

Still Life with Bottle and Fruit

12x9" Oil on canvas panel

Subject matter: This is a simple still life inspired by the beauty of this red pear. I really don't care to eat pears much but I love painting them, especially the red ones. And, of course, I never get tired of painting lemons. I could paint lemons daily and never get tired of doing so. We should not call bad products "lemons" because this is disparaging to the beauty of lemons. The bottle is an olive oil bottle that grabbed my attention because of the product name, Middle Earth Olive Oil. 

Technique: Lettering is extremely difficult for me but I may be making a bit of progress. Tips on this, anyone? Has anyone else found a technique for lettering that works? Feel free to comment on this.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Portrait of Marielle

20x16" Oil on Senso linen panel

This painting earned a Merit Award at the Dunedin Fine Art Center 2018 SMF Awards. Look below to see me standing proudly next to it. There were many wonderful entries so I was very happy to take home an award. It's on display and for sale at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in Dunedin, Florida.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Radish Study-#1

6x8" Oil on linen panel

This is a simple radish study painted on a Raymar Art Linen Panel. I enjoyed this so much that I decided to paint a series of these. However, the leaves wilted quickly so I will need to buy many more radish bunches. Also, my youngest cat Sophie tried to eat the leaves and managed to break a few off. Such is the life of a cat owner artist! So now I have two favorite edible still life objects: lemons and radishes.

Friday, February 16, 2018


8x6" Oil on linen panel

Subject: Sophie is our newest addition, rescued from our yard after she spent several days crying out to us that she was hungry, tired, and sick. We didn't want another cat (we already have three!), but she stole our hearts--and our wallets. She was sick and had to be kept away from the other cats after we rescued her. It was difficult but she's well now and spends her days alternately chasing and being chased by the other cats.  She's still a young cat and gets into things constantly. Tonight she played with the radishes I was painting for a still life! 

Her eyes are incredibly blue--and when she looks straight at you, she is cross-eyed. This is part of her Siamese heritage. But her most endearing trait is her affectionate nature. She loves to be near her humans and is so happy to have a home that she won't even set foot on the screened porch with the other cats! See another photo of Sophie enjoying the good life with her roomies below.

Materials & Process: I used a beautiful Raymar Art Belgian linen panel for this painting and the paint went on so nicely! Painting whiskers is tough but I found that the best brush for me is a flat with a nice edge to it. And a steady hand, thanks to the mahlstick that my husband made for me! 

Sophie with Sammy, Jimbo and Binkie

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Autumn Still Life with Apples & Lemons

20x16" Oil on canvas

The concept: 

This still life began from a class studio set-up and completed mostly at home. I have decided to keep this one in my personal collection because I loved doing it and feel it is one of the best I've done.

Just a note about class paintings:

Paintings created from a classroom set-up cannot be viewed as original. I have done only a few of these and posted them in the past. It is legal to sell this type of art, but the buyer needs to know if it was created even partly in a class.

Recently I read another artist's blog that said you cannot even ask someone to critique your work and afterwards enter it into a competition--even if it's your own in every way! Wow! I guess my husband is out of work, not to mention my other family members and neighbors who comment on my work before I'm finished. You can see that in the world of art, competitions that give out money are getting a bit crazy.

Nevertheless, there are good reasons for most of these rules--though I do wonder if any of the old masters would have been able to enter theirs in today's competitions since they used apprentices to complete some of their works.

Here is a photo of the work framed.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Coffee at the Ritz

20x16" Oil on linen panel
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Subject: This still life oil painting depicts a bit of nostalgia. Though most of us didn't grow up having coffee served in silver pitchers, many of us owned one and saved it for special occasions. Today's young couples would rather have a Keurig so there's no need for a coffee server. I personally prefer my trusty drip coffee pot--though I don't pour it into a silver pot. I still like small tea cups, though I stay away from the beautiful gilt-edged ones that go "crackle, crackle" when I warm up a cup in my microwave. Dishwashers and microwaves were the death of fine silver and china, but who wants to live without these?

Note: This is an unframed painting on a 1/8 inch Senso linen panel.

"Peared" Down

8x6" Oil on linen panel
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This simple pear study began as a grisaille in black and white. After doing it, I decided to practice glazing and voila! color. Glazing works for me sometimes--and then sometimes, not. This was a not, but I still liked the final result.